Below is the ultimate guide to wedding planning for brides to know when to book the cakes, invitations, flowers etc… with printable checklist below!

Congratulations you are getting married! You are overwhelmed with joy and everyone is asking you what your plans are! If you decide not to hire a wedding planner, we are here to help you plan your wedding to make sure you are ready for your big day!
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couple planning their wedding day with invitations

There is a lot of work when it comes to wedding planning, but don’t let it scare you. It will be worth it at the end! You have family, friends, and your wedding party who should be more than willing to help!

Below  is  a checklist that will keep you organized 12 months before your wedding. We have included tips for some items on the list that can help you in the  planning process!
We have also created a printable checklist to get your wedding binder started : Wedding Planning Checklist .


11 – 12 months before your wedding day:

·  Select your wedding date
·  Discuss and set your wedding budget ·  Discuss how much you will be willing to spend, and how much your families will be contributing. For the Manitoban couples, a wedding social can definitely help in taking care of a portion of the costs to possibly the entire cost of the wedding!
·  Invite friends and family to join your wedding entourage ·  Couples are asking in a unique way for friends and family to be in their wedding party by using clever cards, or sending a message in a box of goodies!
·  Select colour and theme for your wedding ·  If you need some ideas for this, check out our blog for wedding trends 2017 found here: Wedding Trends 2017
·  Start your guest list ·  Create a spreadsheet which includes the guests addresses. This is a good idea to keep when you are writing your thank you cards after the wedding. Inform your family and your fiancés family of how many guests they can invite.
·  Research vendors to use for your wedding ·  A good idea may be to go to a local wedding show. You can get tons of ideas, acquire information face to face, and possibly some great discounts!
·  Start a vendors list to track payments ·  Once you’ve researched  the vendors, list them and contact them to make an appointment and book them for your wedding day.

9 – 10 months before your wedding day:

·  Call your officiator to confirm your wedding date and plans
·  Select the venue for the wedding ceremony and reception ·  Think about the times you would like to choose. What time would you have to get up in the morning? How long will hair and makeup take? How long will it be in between the ceremony and reception? Are you taking wedding photos?
·  Hotel for guests ·  If your venue is at a hotel, don’t forget to block out some rooms for  your out of town guests (or any guest!) when booking the venue

·  If your venue is not at a hotel, choose a hotel close by to both the ceremony and reception

·   A good idea is to leave a special welcome package for out of town guests in their hotel room as a special thank you for making it to the wedding!

·  Select your vendors and pay the deposit, and re-visit your wedding planning checklist. ·  Wedding photographer/videographer

·   Caterer and select the menu. Get menus printed

·  Florist

·  Wedding Cake

·  Band or DJ for the ceremony and/or reception

7 – 8 months before your wedding day:

·   Order your save the date cards, and look into wedding invitations and stationery
·   Start looking for wedding dress and order ·   Invite a your mom and/or besties to help look for a dress. Try on a veil at the store while wearing wedding dresses. It will complete the look and help you decide which one is “the dress”.

·  Once you decide on a wedding dress, order and find out the delivery date. They should be able to do a fitting when you do place the order, if not schedule the fitting. You may have to schedule an additional fitting if alterations are required

5 – 6 months before your wedding day:

·  Send out your save the date cards ·  Keep track of the ones you receive back on the guest list spreadsheet
·  Order wedding invitations/stationery ·   Stationery includes: dinner menu, wedding programs, seating charts, table name cards,  wedding favours. Don’t forget to contact us for your stationery needs 🙂
·   Look for maid of honuor/bridesmaid dresses and order ·  Take the girls to try on some dresses! Schedule the fittings and find out delivery date
·  Book your entertainment ·  If you decide on having any singers or dancers

3 – 4 months before your wedding day:

·   Create your wedding program ·   Timing is everything! Creating a program will help make the day go smoothly
·  Plan a rehearsal and dinner
·  Hair and makeup appointment


·   Schedule your hair and makeup the day of your wedding. A hair and makeup trial is highly recommended! Schedule least one month prior to the wedding day
·  Speeches/Vows ·  Start thinking about what you would like to say in your wedding vows if you and your partner decide to create your own

·  Make sure you thank the important people who has helped you in the entire wedding, from planning to executing!

2 months before your wedding day:

·   Book transportation for you and your fiancé, out of town guests and wedding party ·   Or  ensure your there are  arrangements from getting to one place to another
·  Look for and purchase wedding bands
·  Send out wedding invitations and record RSVP ·  Record your RSVP on the guest list spreadsheet
·   Sign up for your wedding registry and select gift options ·   Or if you decide to have a monetary gift, purchase or rent a envelope box!
·   Order your wedding cake ·  Taste test some flavours for your wedding cake!
·   Purchase or rent the formal wear for the groom and his attendants ·  Schedule in the fittings, and ensure the attendants are aware of the date of fittings
·  Order rental equipment ·  Tables, chairs, dinnerware, flatware, glasses etc. if required

1 month beforeyour wedding day:

·   Confirm details and planning with your wedding vendors ·  Florist, photographer, musicians/dj (let them know specific songs you want them to play!), venue, etc.
·    Ensure all official wedding documentations is in order
·  Schedule wedding rehearsal and notify the wedding party ·   Dinner can follow as well
·   Confirm your entire wedding look ·   Jewelry, garter, veil, shoes, etc.

·  Don’t forget to find something new, something borrowed, something blue

·  Purchase special gifts for your wedding party


·  A thank you gift for being part of your planning and your special day! For the ladies, ideas include a purse or emergency kit for the next day. For men, maybe a flask or pocket knife. Add something personalized like their name  to make it extra special!
·  Schedule trial hair and make-up ·  We suggest to schedule the trial on your bachelorette party!
·   Complete your speeches for the wedding reception and wedding vows (if required)  Go through the whole wedding plans with the main people in the wedding
·  Bachelorette/Bachelor/ Jack and Jill party ·  Have a night out to have fun! Let your Maid of Honour / Best Man plan the party for you and your fiancé. Some couples also party the night together!

1 – 2 weeks before your wedding day:

·  Break in your shoes! ·  You want to stay comfortable all day and night, it also doesn’t hurt to bring a pair of extra shoes!
·  Confirm final guest count and seating arrangements for the reception ·   Inform caterer and/or reception venue
·  Finalize details with vendors and revisit your wedding planning checklist! ·   Have final consultations with your florist, photographer, musicians, venue etc.
·  Practice speech/wedding vows
·  Organize a time schedule of the wedding day ·  Provide the wedding party with the schedule with wedding party’s contact, maps of the venues (if required)
·  Arrange for final fitting and delivery of all wedding attire
·  Finalize transportation ·  For you and your fiancé, out of town guests, and wedding party

1 day before your wedding:

·  Final payments for your vendors should be put into separate labeled  envelopes. ·   Give to someone responsible to take care of like a family member, maid of honour or best man
·  Set aside and pack everything you will require on the wedding day ·  Create a checklist to make sure you have everything you will need. This includes candles, pillow, envelope box, place cards, wedding favours, etc.
·  Confirm that all members of the wedding party are organized for the wedding. Including their responsibilities ·   Ensure they have their schedules

·  Have someone in your wedding party  responsible for carrying the Wedding Rings

·   Have someone responsible for the envelope box like a family member or someone involved in the wedding party

·  Have a massage, manicure and pedicure
·   Confirm your appointment with your hair and make-up artist
·  Have a good night’s rest so you are refreshed for your big day!

Day of Wedding: Follow your wedding planning checklist  and enjoy your special day!